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The new high precision units use what is described as a 'Swift Optic Communication System', which allows real-time communication between all components.
Together with the use of tubular direct drives, used first time in an EDM machine, this sets a new benchmark for precision, process adoption and energy efficiency.
Tubular direct drives offer the benefits of ballscrew drives and conventional linear drives, but avoid both the interfering magnetic-power influence of linear drives on the guidance system and unnecessary heat generation. One result is optimized energy consumption efficiency.  Additionally, a new construction approach for the NA Essence avoids unnecessary heat, which helps to improve energy.

The NA Essence series is "a highest precision wire-cut EDM, settingNA_Tech_Image new standards in quality and productivity in the market", but the machines are not "special machines" with limited usage.

Both NA machines are designed for a wide range of application, using wire diameters from 0.05 up to 0.30 mm as a standard. The best surface quality, achievable with the Digital FS generator (standard for NA Essence series), is up to 0.05 µ Ra.

This depends on work piece material and cutting height, but can be achieved with brass wire. Due to this, the NA Essence series is not only efficient, but also has low running costs. In addition to the mentioned D-FS generator, Digital AE generator also features, which controls the vertical position of sparks, supporting the achievement of best possible parallelism.

The NA Essence is equipped with Mitsubishi's ADVANCE CNC, and numerous automatic functions, optimized for the new Optical Servo Drive system, to make daily work easier, without irritating the machine user.

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